Pamper Session – Treat The Canvas

For proper make up application, you have to take care of your canvas (skin) too. I can run you through a simple or detailed skin routine to suit you and help your skin to glow. Improve your skin texture and moisture where needed for healthy, glowing skin.

Pamper sessions can be one-on-one or for a group of up to five, including yourself.

Personal Make Over – Feel Beautiful

I absolutely love the products I use and I know by using them I can help anyone to feel beautiful in their skin. 

I am currently completing my MUA so all make overs at this stage are completely free! All I require is before and after photos, and your John Hancock. And of course your face for an hour or two.

Demonstration – See It All

Want to see the products and have a play for yourself? Let me know! 

Demonstrations can be one-on-one, or for you and several of your friends. You decide!

When demonstrating for you and your friends, I can be as formal or as casual as you like. Just want to play make up with some friends? No worries! Want a formal demonstration? Easy done!

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