**Unedited self portrait**

This is how I look at 41 years old.

I’m growing my hair out naturally so there are streaks of white. My skin is starting to sag and hollow and wrinkle. But for 41, I think I look damn good! Especially with a flattering pose, good light, and a little of my fave anti-aging makeup.

The credit goes to my parents for good genes, lots of clean drinking water, my amazing skin care and makeup brand, daily use of sun protection and me for looking after myself. A little effort is all it takes!

I actually haven’t aged much at all in the last five years since switching my skin care and makeup to SeneGence. Looking back at photos I’m amazed at how well I’ve aged and I really do credit it to the daily use of quality anti-aging skin care and makeup. I just know things would be so much different without it… And not just my skin!

It’s now been five years since I started with SeneGence and I haven’t regretted a single moment! Great skin, amazing new friends, extra income and lipstick that lasts all day!

If you’re interested in finding out more, please feel free to message me. Or follow me on Facebook at Make It Up with Laura.

MAKEUP PRODUCTS USED: Concealer in fair. Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser in light to medium. MakeSense Foundation in Dewy. BlushSense in Toasted Rose. Translucent Powder in translucent all over and in deep for contour. Cream BrowSense in Granite. ShadowSense in French Roast, Purple Sapphire Shimmer and Celebrate Shimmer. Pencil EyeSense in black. 3-in-1 UnderSense Lash Primer. Waterproof LashSense mascara in black. LipSense in Creamer and Metallic Magic topped with Glossy gloss.

The importance of priming.

Be your own kind if beautiful.


It’s easy with all the products on the market to feel like “primer” is something makeup companies made up to get more money out of your pocket. However, primer is a game changer! It is important that your primer and foundation are from the same company so they are made to work together.

How does primer make a difference?

It helps hide imperfections. If you think of your face as a blank canvas – once the primer is applied, the canvas is truly flawless and therefore enables a perfect application – even giving you that “air-brushed” look. Yes, please! 🖌️

TIP: Silk should be applied AFTER your daytime moisturiser. You apply it to your face in a downward motion. Your pores open upwards, so the downward motion ensures that your “canvas” is perfect when finished by filling in any flaws in your skin.

Silk also enhances the collagen production in your skin, thus it is firming, and tightening your skin every time you apply it!! BOOM! 💥 Increased collagen production? SIGN me up!!! Glucosamine HCL helps with this.

Silk is filled with SenePlex+ Complex, our proprietary ingredient that increases cellular renewal and reduces signs of aging.

SeneGence Silk is an amazing product to have in your collection, it’s like photoshop for your face! Here are some benefits of Silk:

🔹Primes by filling fine lines and wrinkles 

🔹Minimises the appearance of pores 

🔹Firms and tightens by enhancing collagen production 

🔹Reduces the signs of aging with the Seneplex Complex

🔹And more!

Apply SeneGence Silk before foundation for a flawless face! 😊

Do you currently use a primer?

Are you sick of cosplay/TikTok yet? I’m not!!

Creative expression for some is super important.

In recent times, due to health and other factors, I lost what truly brought me joy! I’m lucky to have found this again in cosplay. Plus getting to experiment wildly with my makeup has been amazing! A creative outlet for sure.

Here are some more “looks” I have done…

Don’t ask me what exactly this is as I can’t tell you. It was fun though!!
This was my inspiration. I went for more purple and less pink and didn’t go down further than my neck.
Unfortunately I only have screenshots of this one because every photo I took came out with the wrong colouring. So annoying!! It’s Stitch!! Kind of 🤣💙
Not what I planned when I started but still kinda cool. My version of Stitch. I even hand made the ears!

A reminder again if you would like to check me out on TikTok, go to @makeitupwithlaura

Post your handle in the comments if you are a TikTok cosplayer so I can come check you out!!

More TikTok adventures!

With constant lockdowns, extended lockdowns and the occasional need to isolate due to a silly head cold, I’ve had to find a new hobby.

You know I love makeup! And well, you know I’ve been enjoying TikTok which has been a brand new experience for me. And so, I have combined them.

In a previous blog post I asked if I should try out “own character cosplay”… Since then I have dived in head first! And jumped from 100 followers to well over 1000 in little more than a week. Wow!

I want to share some of my looks with you, so here goes!

My contacts arrived before my wigs so first I played around with a cat idea.
Next up, I tried a pixie! Inspired by my hair.
Then my wigs arrived so I could REALLY start doing this thing! Here is my Vampire!
And this is my fae.

I have had so much fun putting together these characters and making TikTok content with them! It brings me so much joy in a time where it’s harder to find.

The vampire and fae will be sticking around for a while, I think, and therefore will need names. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I used SeneGence makeup for all of these characters. Only a couple of things on the faerie and pixie are not SG. It’s perfect for cosplay!

You can look me up on TikTok at makeitupwithlaura

Golden Radiance Peel Off Mask

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword – John Ray

The Golden Radiance Peel Off Mask is a type of light physical exfoliation (rather than chemical). It visibly reduces pore size improving the look of your skin and helps prevent acne!

Finally, it helps to reduce the oiliness of your skin by absorbing oils and balancing your skin’s moisture levels.

Any time I’ve used a peel off mask in the past my skin has felt dry and itchy – my skin felt plump and buttery after this, even before doing the rest of my skin routine. My skin looked truly radiant!

Have you tried this mask yet? If not, you must, it truly makes a huge difference! (And it’s oh so satisfying!)

So there you go. Would you give this divine mask a try?

To cosplay or not to cosplay…

All that matters is how you see yourself.

After spending some time on TikTok and watching “own character” cosplayers I’m so keen to give it a try myself! I already love playing with themed makeup and such so why not take the next step?

To be honest, I’ve already started! I’ve purchased some props and supplies but they haven’t arrived yet.

Today I decided to have a muck around with makeup. Just half my face! 🤣 But it was super fun. Here’s what I came up with.


Hopefully I’ll have props to add soon and then the real fun begins!

I have a few ideas for different characters. Not just the kitty. I can’t wait!

Would you been keen to see more?

Half a kitty

Here’s a video with a few of my past themed makeup looks. Enjoy! Which is your favourite?

Fun with TikTok!

No lifetime, no matter how successful, will be truly rewarding or happy if you cannot learn to love yourself and be yourself.

You can check me out at @ makeitupwithlaura

Here’s a little taste of what you might find 🤣

It’s just a bit of fun, really. I enjoy playing around with makeup, false lashes, wigs and contact lenses.

This is the glow filter and I love it!

I really enjoy watching the cosplay characters. There are so many! And so much variety and creativity! And talent!! I wish I had the talent of these people. It’s incredible. They have inspired me to come up with my own cosplay character or two… I have a couple of ideas. Follow me on TikTok and you may get to see what I come up with!

Are you on TikTok? Drop your handle below and I’ll go check you out!

More “dress up” makeup. Okay, not quite but it’s themed!

“Real beauty is to be true to oneself.”

Sometimes I like to combine my passions. In this case, makeup and Disney’s Stitch!! I’m a huge Stitch fan and have far too many collectables but I love them!

I got the inspiration for this look online and then made it my own using all SeneGence products.

I recently joined TikTok @makeitupwithlaura and even did a little video for it!

The reason I did this look was to celebrate #626day – 19 years since the release of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch! Yep, you read that right… 19 years!!

Even my lashes are blue tipped!
And Stitch earrings from Zing.

What do you think? Would you rock a themed makeup look?

Which Lip Colour is best?

Which Lip Colour Looks Best On Me?

By SeneGence

Say goodbye to wasting looks and money on the wrong color. We just made your decision painless with this quick and easy quiz!

Find your PERFECT LipSense® shade!

1. First, let’s find the undertone of your skin. Look at the veins on your wrist. What color do you see?
a. Blue + purple
b. Green
c. Blue + green

2. When you accessorise, do you look best in…
a. Gold
b. Silver
c. Both

3. Which option best describes your wardrobe?
a. White, blue, and grey clothes look great on me
b. I love wearing bright colors like coral, purple, green, or brown
c. I look good in almost any color, but soft pastels, black, or nudes are my go-to

4. Which option best matches your hair color?
a. Black, Chocolate/Ash Brown, Dirty/Platinum Blonde (No caramels or golden highlights)
b. Golden Brown, Blonde, or Amber
c. Copper red, brown

5. What is the color of your eyes?
a. Blue or grey
b. Hazel or Amber
c. Brown or Green

Which one is your highest score? If your answers are tied, then either category will work for you!

If you answered mostly a’s:
True pinks, plums, reddish-corals, berry, and cherry colors are your jam. Think anything with a dominant red or purple.

LipSense Gloss: Opal or Tahitian Pearl



If you answered mostly b’s:
Terra cotta, brick red, caramels, orange-corals, or yellow-browns look gorgeous on you! Look for colors with deep red (not bright red) or orange bases.

LipSense Gloss: Papaya or Golden Pearl


Apple Cider
Fly Girl

If you answered mostly c’s:
Luck you! You can rock almost any colour, especially nudes, champagnes, mauves, and berry colors.

LipSense Gloss: Bougainvillea or Sand Gloss


Pink Champagne
Nude Pink

Now you have a handful of shades that are a sure-fire look, but we have more for you!

Extra Tips to Enhance Your Eye Colour

Say your color score is mostly a’s, but you answered b or c for hazel/green eyes. The best color choice for you is LipSense Blu-Red. The reddish hue compliments your eye color while still enhancing other cool features from the coral.

If you scored more b’s but have blue eyes- LipSense Fly Girl is your perfect fit!

Share your results in the comments below and #mysenelook on social media showing off your new stunner shade!