More TikTok adventures!

With constant lockdowns, extended lockdowns and the occasional need to isolate due to a silly head cold, I’ve had to find a new hobby.

You know I love makeup! And well, you know I’ve been enjoying TikTok which has been a brand new experience for me. And so, I have combined them.

In a previous blog post I asked if I should try out “own character cosplay”… Since then I have dived in head first! And jumped from 100 followers to well over 1000 in little more than a week. Wow!

I want to share some of my looks with you, so here goes!

My contacts arrived before my wigs so first I played around with a cat idea.
Next up, I tried a pixie! Inspired by my hair.
Then my wigs arrived so I could REALLY start doing this thing! Here is my Vampire!
And this is my fae.

I have had so much fun putting together these characters and making TikTok content with them! It brings me so much joy in a time where it’s harder to find.

The vampire and fae will be sticking around for a while, I think, and therefore will need names. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I used SeneGence makeup for all of these characters. Only a couple of things on the faerie and pixie are not SG. It’s perfect for cosplay!

You can look me up on TikTok at makeitupwithlaura

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