Are you sick of cosplay/TikTok yet? I’m not!!

Creative expression for some is super important.

In recent times, due to health and other factors, I lost what truly brought me joy! I’m lucky to have found this again in cosplay. Plus getting to experiment wildly with my makeup has been amazing! A creative outlet for sure.

Here are some more “looks” I have done…

Don’t ask me what exactly this is as I can’t tell you. It was fun though!!
This was my inspiration. I went for more purple and less pink and didn’t go down further than my neck.
Unfortunately I only have screenshots of this one because every photo I took came out with the wrong colouring. So annoying!! It’s Stitch!! Kind of 🤣💙
Not what I planned when I started but still kinda cool. My version of Stitch. I even hand made the ears!

A reminder again if you would like to check me out on TikTok, go to @makeitupwithlaura

Post your handle in the comments if you are a TikTok cosplayer so I can come check you out!!

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