Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde

Last week I started clinical hypnotherapy to help get the last parts of my disordered eating under control. I’m extremely hopeful that it will help! While I’ve improved in leaps and bounds over the last year, I’m still not quite there.

I’d spoken to my psychologist about it and she thought it a wonderful idea too. We had quite a discussion about it and how it could possibly help, but of course you have to be OPEN to it working. I not only want it to work, I NEED it to work so I’m as open as heck about it!

I’m sick of craving bad foods all the time and often eating until I feel sick, just to make me feel happy. Addictions are hard to beat, and when it’s something as readily available and acceptable as junk food, it’s so hard! Birthday? Have cake! Promotion? Have cake and champas! Unwell? Here’s chocolate! Depressed? A tub of ice cream will help! These are the norm of society. Junk food is a reward, something to help you feel better or happier. It’s been drilled in. When my son was so unwell, the only joy I got from life was food and so my addiction began.

I know I’ve come a HUGE distance but now I need to find the happy middle ground (between no cares and eating ALL the food, and stressed to the max trying to control myself every moment of the day) and I’m hopeful that clinical hypnotherapy will get me there so that I’m able to live a well balanced, happy, and healthy life.

I will keep you updated on my journey as I go along. So far I’ve had 45 minutes of actually hypnotherapy (the rest of the two sessions was consultation time) and so far not much has changed. BUT it doesn’t necessarily happen immediately so I’m not worried. I did find that during those two times I was ridiculously relaxed and that is the most amazing feeling!

Have you had clinical hypnotherapy for anything before? How did you find it and were you OPEN to it? Comment below.

What is LipSense®?

Okay, so you’re wondering what this magic tube of liquid lip colour is that has swept the internet the past few years causing its own apocalypse that we (distributors) like to refer to as “outastockolips”? 😂

No really, we’ve sold MULTI MILLIONS worth of this stuff… it’s THAT good! 💁🏻‍♀️
That’s right – LipSense®

LipSense® is
✅ Lead free
✅ Wax Free
✅ Gluten free
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Preservative free
✅ FDA approved
✅ Made in the USA
✅ Never tested on animals
✅ & animal byproduct free!

It’s NOT a stain – It bonds to your lips on a molecular level! 👄

💥 Kiss Proof & Smudge Proof 💥

Lasts 4-18 hours, depending on your pH level ⏰

Lasts as long as 4 tubes of regular lipstick because you’re not constantly reapplying it all day! 💄 💄 💄 💄

☀️ Provides a mechanical shield protection from the sun.

Available in a variety of finishes:
F (Frost)
M (Matte)
S (Shimmer) and now Glitter too!

Layer and mix to create endless colour combinations, just 3 tubes will give you 27 different shades!! 🤯

📱 Guess what?! Now we have a FREE app available for you to download and try the colors on virtually! Head over to the App Store and download “SeneLook®”. Be sure to look me up and add me as your distributor! (Australia only. Distributor ID 363251.)

📸 Drop me a pic of your favorite in the comments!

I love make up. I love dressing up. Sometimes I combine them!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland

I love doing make up. And I love when my friends and family have costume parties! Last week, I decided I wanted to combine make up with cosplay (not for the first time), just because!

I saw somewhere someone put up a photo of Pizzazz from Jem. For those under the age of 35, Jem is a cartoon from the 80s that stared Jem and her band, the Holograms. Their rivals are The Misfits, and Pizzazz is their lead singer. As Pizzazz has green hair, and so do I, I thought WHY NOT!

So I did a bit of research, looking at the different ways her make up has been done, then sat down and did it!

Have a look at the result below and tell me what you think in the comments. Do you like to dress up occasionally too?

Well, blow me down! Day 30 results.

“Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.” – Jodie Foster

Wow! What a 30 days!

It started out positive and then it went downhill from about two weeks, but blow me down, I did it! It wasn’t always perfect (not even close), but I succeeded at my goals. Mostly. And I had a loss which is even better!

And yep, you read that right. This busty lady dropped a cup size, yahoo! About time too. Sometimes there is just too much curve, and this lady is glad to have dropped at least a tiny bit.

Apologies for my absence! My weight loss journey so far…

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” — Emma Stone.

I can’t believe I never got back to you with my weight loss results! Boy, what a rollercoaster ride that has been… And continues to be!

At day 9, I had great results! But I was really struggling with my eating disorder. At about the two week mark, I broke. I discovered that giving up food, particularly junk food, is harder than quitting smoking (for me, anyway) and it’s more readily available. I snapped. I was horrible to my best friend and coach, my son was unhappy living with me, I was just not a pleasant person to be around. So I made the decision to see a doctor and get some extra help.

I walked into the doctor’s office, she asked me, “How can I help you today?” And I burst into tears. I explained what was going on – my reliance on food, starting a new eating plan, and of course, how difficult it all was! She prescribed me a medication to assist with controlling my cravings which I started the next day.

The medication definitely helped, so with its aid, the health and well-being program I am still on, and the support of my friends and family, I managed to lose 6.2kg and 26cm in my first 30 days. 9cm of that came off my waist! Over the course of approximately three months (including that first 30 days), I lost a total of 14kg!! I also gained so much more energy and my quality of life improved substantially.

Then came Christmas. I survived that with only a tiny weight gain, which I lost again in January. But then the medication was ceased. The following months became a struggle and I fell back into bad habits. Fortunately, staying on the meal program I had joined, I managed to not gain back all the weight I had lost, though I did gain a little.

In April I realised that I can’t live this way and I can’t do it on my own. I needed professional help. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the medication again, and that it is only a bandaid solution anyway, so back off to the doctor I went again but this time to get a referral to a psychologist.

I’ve now had several sessions with my psychologist around my eating disorder and things are improving. Its hard work! But there’s improvement. I started back on the eating program fully this month (May) as well, and though I’ve had difficulties and set backs, I’m still moving forward and I’ve even lost a bit more weight! Results to come at the end of the month.

Are you on a weight loss journey? Or do you have an eating disorder or have you overcome an eating disorder? I’d love to hear from you how you are managing.

Starting weight: 89.3kg

Current weight: 72.8kg (20/05/2020)

Goal weight: 62-66kg

The pictures on the left are from before my weight loss journey started. The photos on the right are much more recent.

Weight loss journey – day 5

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Tuesday I began a strict 30 day eating plan because I’ve got doctor’s orders to lose weight. Today is day 5 and it’s already been such a rollercoaster!

I should explain why I have doctor’s orders to lose weight… Yes, I’m overweight. According to blood tests though, I’m perfectly healthy. I’m not on any medication and I don’t have a bad self image. BUT I do have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Spondylolisthesis which is a spinal condition. Due to these two conditions, my weight has become an issue and I need to rectify it. Even worse is that I was gradually putting on more and more weight. It would have eventually become an even bigger problem.

Day 1 as it turns out, was easy! Day 2 and 3 I struggled, bad! Day 4 was better (I did sleep for part of the day though, haha) until late afternoon, then my belly decided to rebel! It wasn’t bad and didn’t last long, it was also expected, so I wasn’t too worried. Today, I’m feeling much better. After another sleep in! I’m just going to keep busy.

I’m truly excited to see what the next 30 days brings. Giving up junk food when you have an addiction is hard but it’s for the best! And being able to fit into all my old clothes again… Well, that’s priceless!

I will have an update, hopefully with some results at around day 9. See you then!

My top tips? Get rid of all the bad food from th house, avoid temptation and stay busy!

What are your best tips for weight loss? Let me know in the comments.

Disappearing act…

I didn’t mean to disappear straight after my welcome… But life can be challenging, right? We all have our ups and downs, things that keep us from other things. In my case, it’s chronic fatigue syndrome and an autistic teenager.

My teenager was discovered doing naughty things and then ran away from home. We’re very close so this was quite stressful and upsetting! Even though it was only two days, haha! Have you had a child run away? I’d love to hear about your experience. I never thought mine would run away but I was wrong!

On positive note, last week I started clinical Pilates. What is that, you ask? It is pilates run by an osteopath that is specifically designed for those with injuries and chronic conditions, particularly of the spine or joints. It’s great! It’s gentle on my back condition, but helping to strengthen the muscles to support it better. I used to be an aerialist but had to give it up after I herniated a disc in my back last year, completely unrelated to my regular spine condition! The disc is healed now but I know I have to be careful. So the pilates is great. It has set off the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) though. Flares are horrible and debilitating. This will improve with time so I’m not too worried.

My old kitty cat, Gremlin, had a tumour removed from his leg very recently too so I’ve been looking after him even more than usual. He turns 17 in a couple of months and is diabetic. My precious boy is still fighting fit and going strong!

Next week I start my weight loss journey. To help my back and CFS I need to lose weight. I’m under doctor’s orders. I’m nervous but excited! I love food so it will be a challenge. Do you have any tips for me? They would be appreciated! I have about 25kg to lose. Would you like me to keep you updated?

After all of this… Can I catch a break? Of course! Even with all of this (and more) I’m an eternally positive person. Sure, I get down sometimes, we all do! But I can always see the silver lining and I keep on going. Do you?


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everybody else.” – Margaret Mead

My name is Laura. I have never blogged before and I’m actually not sure where to start? Perhaps a good start is to tell you a little about me, and why I’m here. Will you stay and keep reading? I hope so!

I’m a single mumma to a recently diagnosed ASD teen. Who knew a teen could be diagnosed! I never expected it but here we are! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a few cats – one who is diabetic, I work part time in aged care, and have my own make up and skin care business. My business is my passion! Well, aside from my teen and my fur babies, of course.

I am instinctually unique. I’ve always been that way! Even back when I was getting bullied for it, I couldn’t help but being me. People always say to me, “Your hair looks so good! I wish I could wear colours like that.” Or “I could never pull off a look like that.” My response, YOU CAN! Anyone can! You just have to have the confidence. Or alternatively, fake it till you make it! Yup, it’s cliched but it’s so true! Trust me. Anyone can wear the colours and looks that I do (with your own flair, of course), you just have to believe you can and try! That’s the most important bit… Try!

So that’s why I’m here. I want everyone to have the confidence to be unique and try all the colours and styles! I want YOU to feel beautiful and happy in your skin. Hopefully you’ll follow my blog and I will inspire some uniqueness in you.

Follow me to hear about the quirks of my life, see my new make up looks both great and failures, and whatever else pops in my head. And if there’s something YOU would like me to talk about, send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome! See you soon x