Disappearing act…

I didn’t mean to disappear straight after my welcome… But life can be challenging, right? We all have our ups and downs, things that keep us from other things. In my case, it’s chronic fatigue syndrome and an autistic teenager.

My teenager was discovered doing naughty things and then ran away from home. We’re very close so this was quite stressful and upsetting! Even though it was only two days, haha! Have you had a child run away? I’d love to hear about your experience. I never thought mine would run away but I was wrong!

On positive note, last week I started clinical Pilates. What is that, you ask? It is pilates run by an osteopath that is specifically designed for those with injuries and chronic conditions, particularly of the spine or joints. It’s great! It’s gentle on my back condition, but helping to strengthen the muscles to support it better. I used to be an aerialist but had to give it up after I herniated a disc in my back last year, completely unrelated to my regular spine condition! The disc is healed now but I know I have to be careful. So the pilates is great. It has set off the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) though. Flares are horrible and debilitating. This will improve with time so I’m not too worried.

My old kitty cat, Gremlin, had a tumour removed from his leg very recently too so I’ve been looking after him even more than usual. He turns 17 in a couple of months and is diabetic. My precious boy is still fighting fit and going strong!

Next week I start my weight loss journey. To help my back and CFS I need to lose weight. I’m under doctor’s orders. I’m nervous but excited! I love food so it will be a challenge. Do you have any tips for me? They would be appreciated! I have about 25kg to lose. Would you like me to keep you updated?

After all of this… Can I catch a break? Of course! Even with all of this (and more) I’m an eternally positive person. Sure, I get down sometimes, we all do! But I can always see the silver lining and I keep on going. Do you?

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