“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everybody else.” – Margaret Mead

My name is Laura. I have never blogged before and I’m actually not sure where to start? Perhaps a good start is to tell you a little about me, and why I’m here. Will you stay and keep reading? I hope so!

I’m a single mumma to a recently diagnosed ASD teen. Who knew a teen could be diagnosed! I never expected it but here we are! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a few cats – one who is diabetic, I work part time in aged care, and have my own make up and skin care business. My business is my passion! Well, aside from my teen and my fur babies, of course.

I am instinctually unique. I’ve always been that way! Even back when I was getting bullied for it, I couldn’t help but being me. People always say to me, “Your hair looks so good! I wish I could wear colours like that.” Or “I could never pull off a look like that.” My response, YOU CAN! Anyone can! You just have to have the confidence. Or alternatively, fake it till you make it! Yup, it’s cliched but it’s so true! Trust me. Anyone can wear the colours and looks that I do (with your own flair, of course), you just have to believe you can and try! That’s the most important bit… Try!

So that’s why I’m here. I want everyone to have the confidence to be unique and try all the colours and styles! I want YOU to feel beautiful and happy in your skin. Hopefully you’ll follow my blog and I will inspire some uniqueness in you.

Follow me to hear about the quirks of my life, see my new make up looks both great and failures, and whatever else pops in my head. And if there’s something YOU would like me to talk about, send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome! See you soon x

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  1. What a beautiful introduction.
    Keep on being the unique and wonderful woman and mother that you are. Love your blog. Dream big.

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  2. I get those comment too. I wish I could do my hair that colour. I wish I could dress like you and get away with it. I am going to start saying, “you can, just try. Be yourself”. Thanks for making things seem much clearer.

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