Which Lip Colour is best?

Which Lip Colour Looks Best On Me?

By SeneGence

Say goodbye to wasting looks and money on the wrong color. We just made your decision painless with this quick and easy quiz!

Find your PERFECT LipSense® shade!

1. First, let’s find the undertone of your skin. Look at the veins on your wrist. What color do you see?
a. Blue + purple
b. Green
c. Blue + green

2. When you accessorise, do you look best in…
a. Gold
b. Silver
c. Both

3. Which option best describes your wardrobe?
a. White, blue, and grey clothes look great on me
b. I love wearing bright colors like coral, purple, green, or brown
c. I look good in almost any color, but soft pastels, black, or nudes are my go-to

4. Which option best matches your hair color?
a. Black, Chocolate/Ash Brown, Dirty/Platinum Blonde (No caramels or golden highlights)
b. Golden Brown, Blonde, or Amber
c. Copper red, brown

5. What is the color of your eyes?
a. Blue or grey
b. Hazel or Amber
c. Brown or Green

Which one is your highest score? If your answers are tied, then either category will work for you!

If you answered mostly a’s:
True pinks, plums, reddish-corals, berry, and cherry colors are your jam. Think anything with a dominant red or purple.

LipSense Gloss: Opal or Tahitian Pearl



If you answered mostly b’s:
Terra cotta, brick red, caramels, orange-corals, or yellow-browns look gorgeous on you! Look for colors with deep red (not bright red) or orange bases.

LipSense Gloss: Papaya or Golden Pearl


Apple Cider
Fly Girl

If you answered mostly c’s:
Luck you! You can rock almost any colour, especially nudes, champagnes, mauves, and berry colors.

LipSense Gloss: Bougainvillea or Sand Gloss


Pink Champagne
Nude Pink

Now you have a handful of shades that are a sure-fire look, but we have more for you!

Extra Tips to Enhance Your Eye Colour

Say your color score is mostly a’s, but you answered b or c for hazel/green eyes. The best color choice for you is LipSense Blu-Red. The reddish hue compliments your eye color while still enhancing other cool features from the coral.

If you scored more b’s but have blue eyes- LipSense Fly Girl is your perfect fit!

Share your results in the comments below and #mysenelook on social media showing off your new stunner shade!

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