Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde

Last week I started clinical hypnotherapy to help get the last parts of my disordered eating under control. I’m extremely hopeful that it will help! While I’ve improved in leaps and bounds over the last year, I’m still not quite there.

I’d spoken to my psychologist about it and she thought it a wonderful idea too. We had quite a discussion about it and how it could possibly help, but of course you have to be OPEN to it working. I not only want it to work, I NEED it to work so I’m as open as heck about it!

I’m sick of craving bad foods all the time and often eating until I feel sick, just to make me feel happy. Addictions are hard to beat, and when it’s something as readily available and acceptable as junk food, it’s so hard! Birthday? Have cake! Promotion? Have cake and champas! Unwell? Here’s chocolate! Depressed? A tub of ice cream will help! These are the norm of society. Junk food is a reward, something to help you feel better or happier. It’s been drilled in. When my son was so unwell, the only joy I got from life was food and so my addiction began.

I know I’ve come a HUGE distance but now I need to find the happy middle ground (between no cares and eating ALL the food, and stressed to the max trying to control myself every moment of the day) and I’m hopeful that clinical hypnotherapy will get me there so that I’m able to live a well balanced, happy, and healthy life.

I will keep you updated on my journey as I go along. So far I’ve had 45 minutes of actually hypnotherapy (the rest of the two sessions was consultation time) and so far not much has changed. BUT it doesn’t necessarily happen immediately so I’m not worried. I did find that during those two times I was ridiculously relaxed and that is the most amazing feeling!

Have you had clinical hypnotherapy for anything before? How did you find it and were you OPEN to it? Comment below.

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