To cosplay or not to cosplay…

All that matters is how you see yourself.

After spending some time on TikTok and watching “own character” cosplayers I’m so keen to give it a try myself! I already love playing with themed makeup and such so why not take the next step?

To be honest, I’ve already started! I’ve purchased some props and supplies but they haven’t arrived yet.

Today I decided to have a muck around with makeup. Just half my face! 🤣 But it was super fun. Here’s what I came up with.


Hopefully I’ll have props to add soon and then the real fun begins!

I have a few ideas for different characters. Not just the kitty. I can’t wait!

Would you been keen to see more?

Half a kitty

Here’s a video with a few of my past themed makeup looks. Enjoy! Which is your favourite?

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